I should have read the contract.

I should have read the contract

But I didn’t have the time –

Before I signed my name

Upon the dotted line.

I swirled my name promptly.

Giving little thought,

To the hooded figure

Standing by the door.

That’s when he approached me,

His hearty laugh did boom.

As he withdrew his scythe,

It was then I met my doom.

The caped figure stood calmly;

Admiring my puny corpse.

Soon I would be taken

To replace the grim reap-or.

Shivers ran through my body.

My heart began to pound.

Upon my face, a frightened gaze,

As I lay by the burial ground.

The scythe was taller than me,

It weight was much to bear.

Black robes draped from my body –

Beginning my nightmare.

I should have read the contract.

I should have seen the signs.

The smile of death upon his face –

Now, transferred to mine.


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