A 21-year-old’s plea to all 18 to 24-year-olds to vote tomorrow.

The last day of election campaigns is upon us and with it the last push to vote. Politicians are pulling out their best rhetoric, policies, and marketing to gain your vote.

Although you received your voting slip a while ago, you are still staring at it blankly, wondering whether you should vote at all.

Or, like many others you should boycott something so minuscule.

But please, before you do that, understand its consequence.

There is so much going on in our lives that many claim to be far too busy to visit a polling station. Many claim that there is no point in voting when all politicians play the same lying character. They only look after a section of our society and often make promises that will never be fulfilled.

But please, before you give up on politics, consider the implications.


Vote because it is your future that the policies will affect.

The candidate who wins this election will remain in power for the next 7 years. That’s 7 years which will have dire consequences on your healthcare, your education, and, your career.

Vote because you can make a change.

34% of the total electorate don’t vote. That’s more than a third of all those who are registered to vote. Even worse, this percentage is more than those who vote for the two main parties which stands at 20% and 24%! Still think your vote makes no difference? You have the power to sway this election.

Vote because you care.

Our generation is often dubbed the “millennials”. A generation that does not care about our future so much so we would rather stare blankly at computers than converse with those around us. We are so selfish that we don’t care enough about our own communities to even vote. But those that spread this are wrong.

Our generation is full of individuals that fight for equality and voice our opinions. We often take to social media – one of the leading resources for campaigning today to voice our concerns. Many of us are activists for our core beliefs, often taking part in protests and rallies.

So if you disagree with what you have seen on the news and what you’ve read on the internet. Then make a difference tomorrow and vote.


If you still need an incentive to vote, then consider the above reasons as my plea. A plea from a girl like you, who is worried for our cities and our people. It is my plea to you to change the future.

Your vote tomorrow is critical.