Record Player

I am a record player

I go round and round

I cannot stop

I cannot slow down

And I shall wait

Until you change my sound

But until then

I will go round and round



History; it’s a funny thing

It’s happening all around us

But it doesn’t give us chance to breathe.

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Big Sister, little sister.

I used to make you read me stories,

And design the Barbie house,

Roly poly races when the’rents were out.

I used to make you do my hair,

And help me with my French.

Teach me how to write an A

And even build a tent.

I used to make you speak to strangers;

Catch the fish at the dead of night.

Help me pronounce my words,

And stand up for me in a fight.


I used to make you do all these,

So I could do them too.

Being an older sister means,

Taking care of me and you.


De nada (No problem)

I’ve been exploring the shores of the Dominican Republic for two weeks and I can’t express how serene the island is.

It’s relaxed atmosphere, luscious palms and white sand beaches are something I’ve always been jealous of and I’m glad I’ve finally been given the opportunity to visit.

I’ve experienced things I once dreamed of – horse riding, swimming with sharks and rays, visiting remote islands and diving under waterfalls.

The mantra ‘no problem’ (or ‘de nada’) is a something I fully embraced and is a mile away from the reality of Britain (especially considering its current state of affairs).

Taking your time is fully embraced by the locals and is something I wish would continue across the pond.

The island is stunning, the locals friendly and the weather is heaven. The Dominican attitude and culture is much to be desired and I hope to visit again someday. Until then I  carry on dreaming.