An Obituary to 2016

We waited with anticipation for 2016 to arrive. We celebrated as the clock struck 12; hopeful that this year would treat us well. But 2016 came with brutish force and as we gear up for the clocks to strike 12 once more we will wait again. This time with optimism that 2017 will shoot our emotions skywards.

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If we were having coffee…

If we were having coffee I would tell you that a piece of my Art work was accepted as part of a public exhibition that will run from the 14th Janurary to the 1st March. I would say that I jumped for joy at the opportunity and emailed my old Art teachers the good news in frantic words; ending each sentence with multiple exclamation marks. It went through a rigorous submission team who had looked at artist’s work much older and much more experienced than myself. As a Art student studying Foundation level I am very pleased.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that due to this I went out with my sister for a few drinks. But this wasn’t any ordinary night. We sang and danced to ABBA all night and when going for food we requested a takeaway restaurant – that cannot be named – to play one of their songs. Before calling the taxi they played ‘Waterloo’ and we danced and sang in the middle of a half-empty restaurant like nobody was watching. No, before you ask, we were not the slightest bit intoxicated.

If we were having coffee I would tell you that I met someone – a boy to be precise. I use the term boy loosely because he’s 21 so he’s technically a man, right?

If we were having coffee I would tell you that my year thus far has started off great. I’m much happier and less stressed than I was this time last year. My life seems to be heading in the right direction and I can’t wait for the adventure and experiences that this year brings.

Thank you to Suzie81 for the inspiration for this post. Visit the original post here:

I’m going to University (metaphorically speaking)

As my posting schedules are a little very messy, I’ve decided to take drastic action. I’ve made a resolution to myself and get organised. I plan to throw myself in at the deep end in order to shape up and feel proud of my posts once again. No more hiding away for months without inspiration. Therefore, I have put together an action plan.

Step One: Planner

Organisation is something I love! The more organised I am, the better I feel. I’m a stationary geek so a planner for me is a great way to keep myself on track and prioritize tasks. Although there are plenty of apps for phones to keep reminders and tasks prioritized; I prefer to keep written lists to gain satisfaction from crossing them off physically. For me if there is hard evidence in front of me I know I have work to do. In my phone lists are easily ignored and forgotten about. For lists I live by the motto not seen, not heard.

Thanks to my Mum, i finally have my dream planner – a filofax! I’m setting up a blogging system as we speak so hopefully all will work out.

Step Two: Join Blogging University

I have joined WordPress blogging university in order to shape up and get some drafts and posts behind me in order to create a successful blog. Join me if you wish. Sign up here:

Step Three: Make time

I need to start putting time aside to concentrate on things I love to do otherwise they will never be done and I will never progress. So I’m starting by putting aside half an hour a day in order to blog whether this be to seek inspiration or start a draft post. The idea to hopefully get more substantial blog posts created in the upcoming months.

So throughout these coming months, constructive criticism and all comments good or bad will be greatly appreciated!