A different approach to my usual weekly segment. 

I want to write a post today to spread the word about a campaign set up by The Tab Glasgow to help install CCTV cameras along a road in West End Glasgow. For any of you who do not know Glasgow that well, Kelvin Way is home to one of the most popular parks in Glasgow: Kelvingrove. When paired next to a University campus and a short walk to student accommodation and concert venues such as the SSE Hydro, the road is heavily used by student and members of the community.

In recent years there have been several attacks from rape, assault and a murder of a Glasgow University student and these have made this street feel unsafe especially when no attackers can be caught.

The increase in CCTV would benefit not only those that walk the street at night but also during the day. This busy road when placed next to one of the busiest parks in Glasgow causes some concern. Without CCTV any number of crimes can go unsolved due to lack of evidence. At least with the additional cameras we may be able to gain better descriptions of those who haunt the street.

The Tab Glasgow has decided to take action to bring this concern to light and hopefully create a safer environment around university.

We aim to gain as many signatures as possible and to talk to our local MP, Carol Monaghan, about this problem.

So please share and sign if you live in the Glasgow area.


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Sunshine Blogger Award

The Sunshine Blogger Award is given to a blogger who brings inspiration and positivity to their readers and followers.

Thank-you for the nomination Bex! I am very grateful to receive such an award and again apologise for the late posting of acceptance. I am pleased that my words and tales have connected with many bloggers, and hope that they continue to do so.

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A reply to my 17 year old self…

There are times such as this when I have writers block. When I have so many things to say but I can’t fathom the words to say them. My creativeness stifled by deadlines and work, so I look back to my old posts. The posts which have been lost at the bottom of the pile and I write.

From this adventure through my past, I found a letter I had written to myself in 2012. It was addressed to my 20 year old self and now that I am 21 I can think of no better time to send a reply.

Dear 17 year old Anna, 

I want to answer your queries with ‘yes’ and ‘no’ but such answers are unsatisfactory. They do not justify the naivety of your wishes and regard them as irrelevant to my life today. But as you now know, they are not. Continue reading “A reply to my 17 year old self…”

Breakthrough: A Landlord Rant

It is widely known that landlords are the bane of students lives and for anyone in rented accommodation they are equal to the wicked witch of the West. Unfortunately mine is no exception, although on first meeting I thought he would be.

A typical old man, he was kind and welcoming. With his curly white hair and bushy eyebrows, he was talkative and made us feel at ease. Regimented yet fair, I thoroughly believed he would be easy to get along with.

But since moving in to my flat in September, he has been a nightmare. The fairy tale image I was had held has been destroyed, replaced with a maleficent figure. His curly white hair and bushy eyebrows which were endearing before, now an image of regret and peril. Like caterpillars, they lie upon his face while his condescending voice booms. He barks his orders from afar, demanding payment when we had no WiFi, being the central reason for our WiFi-less pit and the demon who allowed us to freeze to death. Is this a Halloween transformation or a year long nightmare? Continue reading “Breakthrough: A Landlord Rant”

Liebster Award

Thank-you to Riddhima for the nomination and I apologise it has taken me so long to write this post but with limited wifi and the start of the university semester my posting scheduling has been quite inconsistent. But here goes..

Nomination Post: StarsandKisses

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On Mondays, we drink.

I’ve had no wifi for two weeks and continue to have none until the 6th October.

Since moving to my student cave last Saturday, I’ve become withdrawn from the outside world. With limited signal, no wifi, warmth or light I’ve been driven to a life of a hobbit or normadic slave.

Which is great… if I didn’t have university work to complete and bills to pay.

The weeks have been tied with stress. And this coupled with the doom of turning 21 last week was enough to send me in to turmoil.

As you can see in handling my first weeks of adulting well. May that continue…

But for now I will take refuge by the kitchen window and look out over the paved courtyard as I write my posts. Forgive me for their rough layout and lateness. Mobile 3G is just not as reliable as a good old computer.

While those of us with wifi entertain themselves for the evening. I tuck myself under my tartan blanket with a glass of wine and a good DVD and embrace the days of my youth.

Cows graze monotonously.

Summer: the expectation of adventure and friends. Of sun and travel. Of relaxing and memories. But instead summer is long and arduous. Days are spent monotonously going round in circles and you can’t help but feel like cattle going to slaughter. And suddenly Autumn arrives again…

There was no post on Monday despite my hardest efforts to write. And the continuing promise to myself to post weekly echoing throughout my body. With the scheduled post last week came a period of relaxation. Able to rest in Cheltenham before the upcoming rush of packing, organisation and moving. On Saturday I travel back up to Glasgow to start round 2 of university.

And while the Summer wraps up in its hibernating slumber I begin to plan a year of travel and work. And write a few posts for next week.

Until then.