Broken Heart



Photographs taken as part of Foundation Diploma in Art & Design. Project entitles ‘Interior’.

I love the intricacy in the second image. Found when cutting open the heart’s plain exterior. Forcing the heart to become torn and broken but showing the beauty and complexity of an organ we take for granted.


2 years later..

In March 2013, I visited London with my Art class. It was getting late and awfully dark. Like typical British weather, it had been raining since noon and I really wanted a photograph of St Paul’s Cathedral from the balcony of Tate Modern. The lights of the city were shining on the Thames and highlighting the dome of St Paul’s. It was beautiful.

At the time I didn’t have the fancy photography camera I have now. I only had my simple digital one. That night I resented that camera. No image I had taken captured the beauty I saw in front of me.

While looking for inspiration for my current Art project, I came across the old photographs. I was surprised at how much I loved the photograph I had once hated.

My reward after 2 years…


Weekly Photo Challenge: Saturated

Oxford Botanical Gardens saturated with both colour, texture and beauty in its purest form.


From Lines To Patterns

I’ve always been fascinated by patterns created in nature from simple curves and lines so here are my very natural and simple contributions to this weeks photo challenge.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Sea



I want to show two sides of the ocean, both which intrigue me. The relaxing, calming attribute of the ocean; breathing in the saltiness  and walking to the rhythm of the waves as they crash against the shore.  And also the side of the ocean that everyone forgets when experiencing its first side. The brutality of the ocean and the creatures that live in it. The ocean engulfs so much of the Earth and holds so much wonder which ultimately amazes me.  It amazes me so much I am willing to base my whole career around it.


Weekly Photo Challenge: Foreshadow


Finally the summer holidays are upon us in Britain and we are all getting away from the dark, grey rain clouds and jetting towards a sunnier country for a relaxing break.
– Photograph taken by me