History; it’s a funny thing

It’s happening all around us

But it doesn’t give us chance to breathe.

It’s Trump becoming president.

It’s Britain taking flight.

It’s the thousands of refugees that can’t find a home at night.

It’s the rising tuition fees for the ones who don’t need it most,

And in the people that never give up hope.

It’s the crashing of the NHS;

The ambulances that take hours to call.

And by that time your poor old gran is lying on the floor.

It’s in the revolutions.

The wars that keep us up at night.

But inevitably it’s in those that never give up the fight.

It’s in the people who are suffering

The ones who can’t find money to eat;

The ones who go to food banks;

Or search for food on the street.

It’s the single parents who cant send their kids to school;

Can’t receive an education, because they can’t seem to follow the rules.

It’s for those who are facing cuts, disabilities and all

And in the morning the bailiffs come knocking at the door.

It’s in those who are dying,

Those that have been oppressed, wronged and judged,

The poorest of the poor they say

The one’s who dream of good.

It’s the thousands who fall through the gaps

For a better chance of life.

And in the process make the mistake:

“The grass is greener on the other side”.




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