You, Me and Tea

It is commonly known that if you want to write well you must write about something you know and love.

I’m British, so it’s safe to say I know a lot about tea and I’m a bit obsessed by it.

I know the perfect brewing time, the perfect amount of sugar and most importantly the water should always be added before the milk. It’s blaspheme to suggest otherwise. I own a plethora of tea flavours which are stored in my tea cabinet; displayed proudly in the living room for all to admire.

But despite all this, the golden rule of tea is that it should be drank from your favourite mug to gain that extra sense of comfort after a long day. But last Monday, as the Halloween clock struck, I broke my one true mug.

For any normal individual, this would be fine. Their mourning ritual would last for a few seconds but as you can see my mourning has lasted a week already! This was no ordinary mug I tell you.

It was a blue polka dot Cath Kidston rounded mug – an eloquent mug giving the perfect proportion of tea each time. There is no mug that compares. Such an eloquent design, it has since been removed from the shelves and now costs £40 on Amazon! What person do you know that’s broken £40 worth of pot?! To think I was devastated before the internet search began.

So my quest continues to find another true mug, the mug that will sooth my broken heart and add comfort to my evening again. Until then I opt for a replacement, a castaway, stored at the back of the cupboard. His blue mottled surface no comparison but he has no holes at least.


8 thoughts on “You, Me and Tea

  1. Oh no! Sad indeed! My boyfriend is also English, and though I myself, am a tea loving American, did not know that it is imperative for the water to go before the milk. I made that mistake once before; never again. He too has his prized mug, and I got in trouble when I grabbed it without telling him and putting it through the dishwasher. 😀

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    1. Oh yes, it is very important! My friend goes as far to say you need to put the tea bag in after the water as to not scorch the tea, but addicts like her are few and far between!
      Ahaha ah yes, there have been many people who have had me ‘tell them off’ when using my mug. 😀

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        1. Oh prepare for a full meltdown if that ever happens. My mum broke mine once when using it for herself, safe to say I was distraught and she bought me a new one but I still hold her to it.


  2. I relate! I have two identical tall mugs with a classy black finish that I love and if, for some reason, they’re both dirty when I want my tea, I’ll take one out of the dishwasher and wash it – even if the cupboard is full of other mugs. They contain a bit more then the others… just enough to quench my thirst. ^_^

    Good luck in your shopping!

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