An Ode to Halloween

Halloween, the time for ghouls and ghosts, for devils and demons but in recent years Halloween has been rife with slutty pumpkins, hoards of black cats and abysmal foam costumes. What happened to the vampires, fake blood and decaying dead?!

As a child, Halloween was a time for free sweets, chocolate and sometimes the odd 20p. Knocking on my neighbours doors and shouting ‘Trick or Treat!’ at the top of my lungs was possibly one of my favourite past times. Dressing up caused chaos. As the bin liners were ripped and red felt sewn, the house turned from luxury to decrepit mansion; the ultimate Halloween haven.

Since then I’ve taken Halloween seriously.

My childhood go-to devil costume has since been replaced by Harley Quinn, a demon, a clown and most recently an American Horror Story inspired ripped face vampire child.

But since my childhood, Halloween has lost its spookiness and has turned in to a tasteless occasion. Nobody tries like they used to. Decorations are non-existent – where did the cobwebs and skeletons go that used to be hang above the door? The people who used to greet your knocks with surprise now hide away. Halloween has since become a lucky dip to if anyone will celebrate at all.

Halloween is a time to frighten those around you.

Since I was a child it has been one of my favourite days of the year. The one occasion where families come to together and enjoy themselves. An occasion like Christmas but with extra spook.

I don’t want Halloween to be a lost tradition, I want to celebrate its quirks even if they are a bit far fetched sometimes.

I’m begging you, take Halloween back to its roots. Where the souls of the dead revisit their homes. Where ghosts, goblins and demons roam our streets. Bring back the inference of supernatural powers controlling nature and allowing the dead to claw from their depths and live for one more night. Make Halloween great again.

Satan will probably thank you for it.


7 thoughts on “An Ode to Halloween

  1. Nicely written!👍👍👌
    However, I have a question. I don’t know much about Halloween because I live in a place where we have festivals for Gods and Goddesses. But how can there be a festival for Satan?
    Or am I missing some point here ?


    1. Thank-you! It’s not a festival for Satan per se, it was just my humour transpiring badly. It’s just meant to be a festival of the dead and in the UK we make it our aim to scare people, hope this clears up some confusion ☺️

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