On Mondays, we drink.

I’ve had no wifi for two weeks and continue to have none until the 6th October.

Since moving to my student cave last Saturday, I’ve become withdrawn from the outside world. With limited signal, no wifi, warmth or light I’ve been driven to a life of a hobbit or normadic slave.

Which is great… if I didn’t have university work to complete and bills to pay.

The weeks have been tied with stress. And this coupled with the doom of turning 21 last week was enough to send me in to turmoil.

As you can see in handling my first weeks of adulting well. May that continue…

But for now I will take refuge by the kitchen window and look out over the paved courtyard as I write my posts. Forgive me for their rough layout and lateness. Mobile 3G is just not as reliable as a good old computer.

While those of us with wifi entertain themselves for the evening. I tuck myself under my tartan blanket with a glass of wine and a good DVD and embrace the days of my youth.

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