Why Mother’s Day (and occasions like it) are meaningless.

A controversial opinion on the most loved societal traditions and why they should seize to exist (or at least be re-thought).  

Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day; three 2-word phrases which I dread to hear. Some who know me will assume that I’m simply continuing to be my usual cynical self, tainted by an education that instilled in me the desire to overthrow societal norms and traditions. But although this could underlie my immediate distaste at such occasions, it is not the most predominant.

Yes, I am cynical. Cynical of the companies and corporations, the extreme marketing and the distaste of such spectacles. The regard that if no card is delivered through the letter box or no present received, then you are unappreciative – the whole concept is absurd but the profit must be huge.

The materialistic value placed on love is illogical. 

Like any person, I’m sentimental and love to receive meaningful gifts and cards. But the over-commercialisation of traditions which were suppose to be a celebration of people have lost their fundamental meaning. They no longer express the joy at spending time with family, but strike fear and dread in the heart of every person over 10 years old. They have become another Christmas; the gifts overshadowing what the day is meant to portray. People shouting want instead of need.

Don’t get me wrong, appreciate your mum, dad or likewise in whatever way you choose but we shouldn’t feel obliged to. For me, sending my mum a bouquet of flowers on a day when no one has dictated is more meaningful than sending one when it’s documented on a calendar.

I know from experience that there are not enough hours in one day to undertake the necessary actions to fully appreciate someone. It’s a year round responsibility. Yes, make the day extra special by going to a restaurant or the theatre but it’s not the only time you should do it and you shouldn’t be made to feel guilty for not doing so.

Celebrate it how you like. I’ve bought a simple card and filled it with a sarcastic, dry-humoured message and sent a couple of magnets to add to the ever growing collection on the kitchen wall. But I know that the card will end up at the bottom of a dresser drawer until it is handed to me to use for art purposes. It doesn’t mean that it wasn’t appreciated, it just shows how over-commercialized the day has become. It shows how small gestures are more meaningful than a piece of paper.

I think I’d rather appreciate my mum on my own terms rather than join in with a nauseating, widespread tradition that brings more heartache than love.

3 thoughts on “Why Mother’s Day (and occasions like it) are meaningless.

  1. I couldn’t agree with you more here, I get a lot of blank stares when I tell people how I feel about these Hallmark Holidays. Why should we all have to spend a paycheck on one certain day every year to tell the people we love them that they matter, yuck…..
    I like your writing style a lot and the page looks great!


    Liked by 1 person

    1. Exactly! A lot of people find it odd that I hate them too especially because many others my age love them. They are a highly commercialized day which only profit big corporations. I fully believe appreciation does not stem from materialistic possessions.
      Thank-you so much! You’re feedback is greatly appreciated.

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