Revisiting Childhood.

As of yesterday, I have officially achieved a distinction in Foundation Art and Design. The evidence – which consists of two certificates – has been successfully received.

I head to Glasgow University in September to study Philosophy and I’d be lying if I said this was always the plan…

Six-year-old Anna wanted to be a professional dancer.

Thirteen-year-old Anna wanted to be a Marine Biologist.

Sixteen-year-old Anna wanted to be a Zoologist.

And twenty-year-old Anna has no clue what she wants to do; all she knows is she has the overwhelming urge to travel.

This realisation prompted me to think back to my aspirations as a six-year-old girl: a professional dancer!

Wow…I set my standards high from a young age.

I remember it was my dream to be a backing dancer to the rich and famous. I would choreograph routines and perform them in my bedroom. The routines mainly consisted of me running back and forth across the room but I was convinced that was enough to gain a place among the best.

Then at the age of nine, I started Irish dance. I grew good at it; achieving by the end three trophies and a number of medals. I dreamt about dancing in the Irish Championships and one day dancing alongside Michael Flatley. A dream spurred on when my Grandma bought me ‘Lord of the Dance’ on DVD. I watched it over and over, transfixed on every detail.

I was convinced that this was something I would do for the rest of my life. And I prominently remember the day when I got my first competition dress. When I saw it hanging from the door frame, I stared at it in admiration. I had earnt it; it was mine.

I keep it now in my wardrobe. It doesn’t fit but every time my Mum tries to get rid of it the little child inside of me stops her. It has become a memento of my childhood.


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