Soul mates

There are people in our lives we are destined to meet,
Not lovers or friends, just strangers in the street.
They shape our experiences, and keep us away from harm,
So that one day we can say, ‘we know who we are’.

They are people who know so little of us,
But try their best when our lives are tough.
To listen and weep, make us laugh and cry;
To change how we think, and stay by our side.

They watch over us carefully when we need them most,
Like guardian angels never deserting their post.

They reach out their hands to pull us up from the street,
And hold us gently until we are whisked off to sleep.

Then when all words have been said;
And we were comforted – all sound again,
They leave us quietly with a short goodbye.
Safe in the knowledge we will soon be alright.

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