Whose steps nearly killed me; Sacre-Couer

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe Sacre-Couer is situated in Monmatre, on top of a very big hill.

Known as the Sacred Heart of Paris, Sacre-Couer is a Roman Catholic Church with a small minor basilica and a crypt. It is dedicated to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, and even if you aren’t religious, it is a must see. The beauty and complexity of the Church is incredible.

Now, having travelled to Barcelona last year, stairs aren’t a problem for me. Travelling up to Parc Guell was quite a challenge but I made it. However, since last year my level of fitness has apparently deteriorated. The stairs going up to Sacre-Couer did leave me quite breathless. Although don’t let this deter you, the breathlessness is definitely worth it. The views of Paris are incredible!


Unfortunately, no pictures are allowed to be taken inside but there are cheap markets around Sacre-Couer if you want to pick up post cards with are definitely worth it.

I do insist you have a wonder inside as you will not be disappointed. And one piece of advice is to look up; the ceiling is incredible. Filled with religious paintings with will leave you breathless again.

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