A Guide to Paris.

I can not begin to describe to you the beauty of Paris. It is idyllic on every single level. From the cobbled roads, to the shape of the trees around the Louvre, it was everything you would expect from the city of love.

I unfortunately, did not go for a romantic get-away. Instead I went as part of an Art trip and I was not disappointed. Paris is the centre of the art world. From greats like Rodin and Da Vinci, to much smaller, independent galleries. Paris has it all on its doorsteps.

There is art everywhere you turn; from artisan café’s to street art. Paris is awash with individuality.

Quaint Flower Shop
Quaint Flower Shop
Graffiti Found Next To The Pompidou Centre
Graffiti Found Next To The Pompidou Centre


One of my favourite things about Paris were the flower shops. They were overgrown with flowers of every kind. It was like walking into a forest of colour and smells. Everywhere you turned, you would be met with an abundance of beautiful flowers. The flower shop pictured above, was on the corner as we made our way to the Rodin Gallery

River Seine

Paris is one of the most breath-taking cities in Europe and everyone must visit at least once in their lifetime.

Part 2: The Sacre-Couer

Part 3: Notre-Dame Cathedral

Part 4: Eiffel Tower

5 thoughts on “A Guide to Paris.

  1. Oh, thanks ever so much for this post! First, the photo with the carousel struck me right away–it’s divine!!!!!! And what an artistic eye you have! And, I loved your narrative…very well written and really painted a beautiful picture…thank you for introducing me to a place I can only dream of 🙂 Lastly, who drew the picture that accompanies your blog address (the profile photo)….it is wonderful. 🙂


    1. Thank-you! Such a lovely comment. I’m glad I did Paris justice, it’s such a beautiful place that words fail to describe. You must visit if you get the chance and discover the streets and alleyways, they are divine. Unfortunately, I do not know, I found it on Pinterest and have been searching for the owner since I started my blog back in 2012 to tell them how much I love it! The search still continues unfortunately.

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