If we were having coffee #3

If we were having coffee, I would seem unusually relaxed considering the situation. As a student there is always a deadline that we must meet. This week I have 3; all due Friday. I’m feeling okay about it.

3 art projects: 1 100% finished, another 99% done and well the other I prefer not to comment on. As I sink lower into my seat, my coffee rising in front of my mouth to muffle the sound of 60%. I’m ashamed.

This has never happened to me! uninspiring topic after topic, and I have always managed to pull something out of the bag. Not this time. The figure does nothing to spark my interest, and my tutor knows it.

Although not all is doom and gloom.

I’m excited for when the final major project starts in a few weeks. This means my own ideas and my way of developing a topic. I will be back to my comfort zone of deep and dark, conceptual art. Excited for the fact it may bring the return of my 6 foot paper sculptures. Oh I’m in love.

It gets better. The final major project starts with a trip to Paris. I have 22 days to wait..not that I’m counting or anything. I can’t wait to explore the art galleries of a new city. Understanding their culture and not to mention going to see Notre Dame Cathedral (a must for any traveller). I must admit, I do have an affiliation with old Churches and Cathedrals. The beauty of them is sublime.

After my lengthy chat about Paris and Art; both seeming to dictate the majority of my conversations these days. The once excited atmosphere becomes relaxed again.

I will move on to say that I’ve been on half term this week, so my writing schedule has been more consistent. I’m proud of that fact.

If we were having coffee, I’d let you know that I have watched a lot of films over the past weeks. I’m sad that we haven’t caught up with each other recently. I believe this is due to film procrastination.

Two, maybe three weeks since we last chatted? All due to a Netflix binge. Watching movies old and new from the cheese of Summer Holiday (I think that’s the name) to the drama of Shutter Island. I’ve had a blast.

My weeks, although full of deadlines and work, have been rather relaxing due to this binge. I hope yours have been the same.

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