Journey Limerick

I first wrote a Limerick in year two,

And didn’t quite know what to do,

My mum helped me,

Until we shouted with glee,

But the journey too stressful to pursue.

I loved today’s poetry challenge. It took me back to my childhood. I remember being assigned homework to write 5 Limericks in Year 2 (2nd grade). I remember sitting in my Grandma’s garden on a summer’s day. The sun bright and hot; laughing and giggling with my Mum and Grandma as we came up with many silly rhymes. I had lots of fun.

I remember that we always found it difficult to write the last line because as a child I always wanted the last line to have some impact (and still do! Although there is less of a challenge). I haven’t (until now) written any since.

I hope you enjoy reading this short poem as much as I did writing it! So many happy memories are connected to it.

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