Last weekend of Blogging101

As I’ve reached the end of Blogging University, it is time to look back and review these past 4 weeks. These 4 weeks have flown by and whilst my posts did dwindle in the last week, I thoroughly enjoyed my time.

Going to University has made me realise a lot of things about myself and my writing style. I aim to focus on these to make this blog a success. I hope that you join me on this journey.

I’ve realised that I don’t have to post everyday. A few times a week is a must though if I want to make my words worth listening to.

Also, it terribly drains me – having to juggle writing down my inspirations with the excessive amount of art work due everyday has its consequences. Unfortunately one must suffer, and it is always my writing.

I’ve realised I’m definitely suited to writing shorter posts, and will continue to do this until my confidence and skills grow a little. I don’t feel I have the ability to keep people gripped for long periods just yet.

Equally, I would like to thank my readers for your continued dedication. For reading my words because without you I wouldn’t have a blog. There would just be words. Words imprinted in cyber space with no one to value them except me.

So thank you and I hope to continue.

2 thoughts on “Last weekend of Blogging101

    1. Thank you, I started this blog to write for myself but as the number of readers increased I think I put more pressure on myself to make my posts enjoyable…I’m hoping to regain some of that spontaneity again & enjoy writing rather than worrying how it will be received!


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