Finding little treasures

After having a messy room for about 3 weeks because of arty deadlines; I decided yesterday to clean it. 1 bin bag full of rubbish later and another full of clothes for the charity shop, I finally have a clean and organised room!

But while this is a joyous occasion, it is not the topic of this post – oh no, it’s much more exciting than that! It’s about those things that are hidden away in the dark corners of your room. Forgotten about until you lay your fingers up on them.

The little treasures I found – my little treasures were cards I had once given to my mum as a child. Inside a Mothers day card was a poem. I wrote it in 2010. I remember it well. I had written it a few nights before. I had sat next to her in the lounge each relaxing in an armchair. I had tried to hide the computer screen from her all night while I wrote it as she has a habit of trying to read things inconspicuously as I write.

It read:

If I had another mother,

Words could easily describe,

But you’re not any of those people,

So words are hard to find.

I look words up in the dictionary,

But I still cannot find,

The word that fits my mummy best,

Even though I try and try.

I soon do realise,

That words can’t express,

What I am feeling down in my chest,

‘Cause my mummy, as I’m sure you’ll agree is the very best!

So as Mothers day approaches on the 15th March, I will remember this poem. The words of a 14-year-old girl resonating 5 years later and continuing to resonate my whole life.

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