Being a good neighbour

1) Kandy Andy; Role Models

This piece was a lovely read and the first I came across when being a good neighbour. It is a lovely, heartfelt piece. Having written similar pieces about the role models in my life, this piece resonated with me as I remembered the great people that have had such a positive influence in my life.

2) Cristian Mihai; Women

Second post I came across was this descriptive piece by Cristian Mihai. It is beautifully written and very relatable. After reading this post, I was disappointed with some comments deeming it misogynistic I feel people need to read this piece on a deeper level, seeing the reference to gender as irrelevant and focusing more on the fact that love helps to heal people in general. Anyway please go and read this piece, it is beautifully written giving analogy to the four elements, it is completely unique and heartfelt.

3) Spirit in Politics; Photo Challenge. Shadowed: A Still Life of Exquisite Brilliance

This is a different piece that I came across. If you are a regular reader of my blog you would have seen that I love photography and art. This piece of photography is exactly what it says in the title ‘exquisite brilliance’. It is a beautiful shot of beautiful scenery.

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