What is ideal anyway?

Today’s assignment involves writing for your dream reader. Like many like-minded writers I prefer the term ideal because the word dream insists you are highly fictional – a figure of my imagination. Although, according to the dictionary the term ideal insists this too. So really neither you or I are winning. Apparently, the term ideal deems you to only exist in my imagination. You are desirable and perfect; your only flaw is that you are unlikely to become reality.

I have to disagree with the well acclaimed Oxford dictionary for the first time in my life and say that you do exist. But it had me questioning: what is perfect anyway? What is an ideal reader? To be honest I can’t think of an ideal reader because to me you are all ideal readers. You can’t fit into your own little box, be labelled and put on a shelf. Oh no you are much more than that. You are all different. So unique; all perfect and ideal in your own various ways.

To me there is no one ideal reader because in writing all readers if they take the time and interest to sit and stare at these tiny words on their computer screens are ideal. They are sat there for you, reading the same messed up thoughts you wrote just a few moments ago. They laugh at your high points and cry at your low ones, they interact with you on a daily basis and some become your blogging friends.

People are ideal. You are ideal.

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