Who Am I?

Assignment 1: ‘Write & publish a “Who I am and why I’m here” post’

I’ve been on WordPress for a few years now so it seems strange to have to introduce myself to you all. Although having looked back at past posts I have realised I never formally did this, I just got into the spirit of writing & hoped my posts would introduce you to the world inside my head as well as the one that I’m living.

So formally;; Hi, I’m Final Ends.

I’m currently 19 and studying for a Foundation in Art and Design. My art work centres around Philosophy and the human condition. It’s very conceptual and focuses around meaning rather than aesthetic appeal, I prefer my work to shock not to be beautiful.

I deferred my entry into Glasgow University until September 2015 at last minute but will be studying Philosophy, History of Art and another subject (when I decide what that will be). I’m a major geek at heart and love all things knowledgeable.

I love to read, mainly distopian fiction so at the moment I’m obsessed with The Hunger Games – although if you’ve not read the books the 3rd is a let down.

I spend most of my time writing. I have lots of rough, uncompleted works saved to the notes section in my phone. If I’m not writing, I’m thinking about or doing Art or Philosophy. And if I’m not doing any of that I’m out walking my two dogs; Isaac and Poppy (a German Shepherd and Jack Russell).

Why am I here?

I started this blog in September 2012 mainly due to having so many thoughts in my head and nowhere really to express them. My life got complicated; friendships broke down, my grandma was diagnosed with dementia and mum diagnosed with cancer which is something I’ve written about previously.

At first this blog was a place to put all those thoughts and feelings so my brain didn’t implode with the high velocity of irrelevant words. At the time I had no one to speak to so this blog became my diary if you wish. It was very personal and still remains quite personal.

As I began to deal with the circumstances in my life, I found myself gravitating towards poetry, photography and general day to day writings which is what I continue to do now. This blog started out as an adolescent haven and has turned into something I wish to pursue. Writing has become something I adore. Expressing myself to an audience who take time to read my inner voice is satisfactory and the process of producing such varied pieces is something I really love to do.

So that’s me & that is the reason I continue this blog.

I hope you join me for the very bumpy ride.

Tissues and popcorn at the ready!

2 thoughts on “Who Am I?

    1. Wordprss allow you to join in unofficially as they post the ‘assignments’ on daily post everyday, I think you should join im it’s a lot of fun & enter the tag blogging101 so we can all find you 🙂


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