Pride that follows Art

My Grandma is blind. Diagnosed with macular degeneration when I was young meant she only had peripheral vision. After two strokes her eyesight worsened to only being able to see shadows. For my Grandma this was hard to cope with. Equally the strokes led to the development of Vascular Dementia in 2011. Since then the disease has progressed steadily.

On Saturday morning, she was admitted into the local hospital after being found on the floor – she had fallen during the night. When visiting her yesterday afternoon she was not by her bedside sitting in the chair like Mum and I had expected.

We asked the nurse and were told she was in the day room taking part in the Art class. I was shocked, previously she had always refused any sort of participation in a group or individually due to her blindness. After joking that she was taking after me – the Foundation Art student, I was delighted to hear that she had enjoyed herself.

Being shown her Art work gave me the most powerful sense of pride I’ve ever had, I smiled until my cheeks hurt. I didn’t care if it looked a little abstract, for me it clearly depicted an aerial view of the landscape. It has become my favourite piece of work and I’ve made her display it proudly by her bedside.


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