Day 5 & 7: Castelldelfels

 *Look what I found nestled in my drafts. Clearly hiding away, fearing being shared*

1st & 3rd July 2014

Castelldelfels is a small, quaint village, 20 minutes from Barcelona centre. The locals are very friendly and spoke good enough English although we did try to speak Spanish most of the time (not very well I may add – my GCSE knowledge didn’t get me very far).

After 4 consecutive days of touring we were in need of a rest. We spent both the 1st & 3rd July eating, reading, swimming and relaxing. On the 1st July we spent the day by the pool and met a lot of great people. We were mistaken as Geordie (Newcastle), denied being from England because we had ‘strange accents’ & I somehow was mistaken for Spanish even though I have an extremely pale complexion.

On the 3rd July, we spent the day at the Beach. It was a very windy day & trying to relax when we were being hit in the face with sand particles is hard. After a swim in the sea and jumping over the waves we headed home and spent the rest of the day by the pool reading.

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