Day 4: Sagrada Familia

30th June 2014


Meaning Holy Family, the Sagrada Familia is another of Gaudí’s masterful creations. Its intricate design, encompassing natural lines and angles oozes the stylistic qualities of Art Nouveau. Its 3 façades: passion, glory and nativity fit well with religious symbolism and Catholic teaching. Even those who are not religious will agree that this building is truly stunning and is definitely a must see for anyone visiting Barcelona.


Resembling a forest, the inside of the Sagrada Familia is astonishing. I had not realised the extent of its height until observing those around me, the interior makes you feel small  and insignificant compared with the outside world – it gives a sense of something greater. Although not yet completed, Sagrada Familia is the most beautiful building I have seen during my short travels and I can’t wait to visit again when it is finished in 2026.


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