The Lost Art of Letter Writing

I love letters.

There’s a romance to them that manages to capture a little slither of you within the pages. There is no rationality, no logic, just words and raw emotion.

For anyone who knows me well, I’m cynical. The unromantic girl who would rather sit in than go out. Uncomfortable with social interactions especially if it’s speaking about emotions then stay the hell away from me or my gaze will avoid you like the plague.

But as a writer, I love romance. I’m fascinated by the people and their strange interactions. They baffle me and they amaze me. And their words encapsulate me.

Call me old-fashioned but I love the essence of letter writing. If I had grew up in the era when letters were all the rage I would have written many. I would have been like the disciples in the gospel; countless letters to everyone!

Now-a-days writing is in the form of e-mail and is too quick and far too impersonal. There are no scribbles or crumple marks where the sender has hastily shoved the letter in to its envelope in order to meet the post deadline. There are no tear stains when writing about a sad moment, reminiscing or just letting their emotions show. Most importantly, there  is no rawness to an email like there is in a letter. In a letter each part of you and your personality is captured in the words to produce a magical form of love and appreciation.

I love words.

4 thoughts on “The Lost Art of Letter Writing

  1. I agree with you. In fact, last year, I made a promise to myself that I would try to send as many birthday cards out as I could, and a few encouragement cards too. I received many notes back about how it makes a difference. And maybe it is old-fashioned–but I pull out a lot of cards and physical letters that I’ve received over the years, and I seldom do that with an email. Thanks for visiting my blog!


    1. I do that too, whenever I’m feeling down I pull out old cards and notes from friends and it never fails to make me feel better. There’s just something special about handwritten words – they never fail to tell someone how you feel.


    1. That’s a lovely gesture! I really should start sending more letters to people, I think they are a very simple thing but they show a great amount of appreciation.


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