Captivation of the Vulnerable Part 2

STORYVILLE 2013-2014


A while ago I wrote this blog post . The documentary came out earlier in the year and was recently shown on BBC4 (if you wish to watch it is on iPlayer, I must warn there are some upsetting scenes).

The documentary unravels the truth behind the moral of Sea World and the horrific event in which a trainer was killed by the Orca Tilikum. It starts from the very beginning when young orcas are pulled from the wild, taken from their mothers and placed in a life of performance and  captivation. It explores where it all went horribly wrong and how we have not learnt anything since the first attack 20 years ago.

It contains footage never released about incidents involving captive orcas and shows interviews with former trainers and experts in whale behaviour. It also delves into the treatment the orcas faced and the ever-growing lies told by Sea World and the workers themselves – all for  highly profitable entertainment.

It is heart-wrenching to watch and aims to challenge how we view our relationship with wild animals as well as how we view this inhumane industry. I guarantee you will come away with newly informed opinions which make you want to shout about this issue – it has only strengthened my hate of these shows. I hope that as this documentary gains even more views we can all do what we should have done years ago and stop this immoral captivation.

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