Daily Prompt: A Bird, A Plane, You

The Daily Post has asked us to choose from the list below which superpower we would choose.

  • The ability to speak and understand any language
  • The ability to travel through time
  • The ability to make any two people agree with each other

After the inner battle of reason and geekiness, I have finally made my choice.

And the winner is: I would love the ability to speak and understand any language.

I would like to start to explain why I chose this by explaining why I didn’t choose the others.

1) The ability to travel through time as an avid Dr Who fan is one of my many wishes. To live in an era, at anytime and at any moment and live a life of adventure like the Doctor would be amazing. But indeed like the Doctor only knows; very lonely. It is not this loneliness that made me not choose this option but no matter how amazing time travel is, looking back on the past is disruptive and quite depressing especially if looking on your own life. Yes, you can relive old memories but what about the painful ones? The ones which you don’t want to relive again? I personally no matter how amazing/cool/fantastic it would be, would not choose to look into the future either because that in itself is an adventure, to live through the unexpected and learn from it. Finally, what about when your friends and family die? The people you love cease to exist? Yes, you can visit them in the past but it will never be the same because in reality they aren’t there.

2) The ability to have two people agreeing with each other although rather useful would not be much of a superpower because the fun comes in differing arguments. Change did not come by everyone having the same opinion – how boring would the world be if we all had the same opinion? & anyway just having two people agree with each other really isn’t going to solve the problem at hand.

So I’ve chosen to speak any language because language has always been an interest of mine. I’ve always wished to be good at learning a language in order to converse with others because we can’t be ignorant all the time and expect other to know English. I think that knowing languages would aid me more in life as I could portray my opinions, thoughts and feelings to many instead of a select few or needing an interpreter. Language is a fascinating topic and everyone has their own unique way of using it. To give an example of what I mean I will on this occasion relate to the Bible (only because we used this example in Philosophy a couple of days ago & it immediately came into my head when I saw the superpower) when the disciples go out and spread the word of God, they are able to speak to many people at once in a variety of languages and all of them understood it. This no-one can deny would be a truly amazing experience.


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