Winter Arrival

You always know when winter arrives, it never does creep up slowly; the weather just changes in an instant. There have been many occurrences I’ve noticed over the last couple of weeks that have been a hint to the fact winter may finally be upon us.

  1. It’s pitch black when I wake up at 6:30am for college.
  2. I have to put the heating on so I don’t get cold on my journey from my bed to the bathroom.
  3. The shower temperature has been moved from a once sufficient 5 to a 6 which steams the bathroom instantly.
  4. I can smoke with my breath waiting for the bus – it’s better for your lungs that way.
  5. My college is freezing but they won’t put the heating on until October (I’ll be an icicle by then).
  6. I need to turn my light on when I get home to see if I’m going to fall over anything lying on my bedroom floor.
  7. It randomly rains without warning – much more so than any other time of the year in Britain

But I suppose it’s not all bad news. At least with Winter comes so many other various opportunities to try:

  1. Drinking hot chocolate to warm the body after a hard day.
  2. Winter clothes shopping – finding  cute jumpers and scarves that I need to buy.
  3. The Christmas Markets – enough said!
  4. Watching/reading in front of the fire while imagining to toast marshmallows.
  5. The hope for snow and time off college/work.
  6. I may try my very first mulled wine – who knows?

So while we all start to get ready for Winter, covering ourselves under various layers of thick woolen jumpers and coats. Let’s just remember one thing; Winter’s not as bad as you think.

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