The days before administration

What’s the most dreadful (or wonderful) experience you’ve ever had as a customer?

This question brings back so many memories of going out with my mum and sister. Every time we never fail to embarrass ourselves (in a good way of course) and somehow my mum always seems to make really good friends with the cashier or waiter.

The memory that I remembered vividly was some time ago in Blockbuster – before it went into administration. At late evening we had decided to rent some DVD’s and for some reason we were all quite giddy – probably on a sugar high from having eaten too many sweets after dinner.

Everything was going fine; picking out our DVD’s was a doddle, the queue for the cashier was going down fairly quickly and finally we were in front of the cashier handing over our chosen DVD’s.

‘Do you think we’ll be able to watch these all tonight? my mum piped up.

‘Yeah I don’t see why not’ my sister and I chimed in while I studiously studied my watch working out the possibility of doing so.

‘You don’t have to watch them all at once’ the cashier reassured us but that’s when trouble struck.

‘Oh no its fine, we have no friends’ my sister exclaimed ‘Forever alone!’

My mum saw then the opportune moment to add

‘Please be my friend..’

After this we lost it completely and hysteria over took as we laughed profusely and so did the customers behind us.

Mission accomplished.

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