So I’m 18…

I woke up this morning to a chorus of Happy Birthday and after the chorus had died down, I was asked that question.

‘How do you feel now you’re 18?’

‘Exactly the same as I did yesterday when I was 17 thank you’ I replied.

Another year has pasted which means I’m now officially 18. Lets all take a moment to give a cheer of delight, WOOHOO! It’s now time to edit my About Me page to say 18 instead of 17 and consider myself more of an adult than yesterday. Even though I feel no different to how I felt before I went to sleep, today comes with many more new responsibilities and new adventures I can try out now I’m ‘older’.

One of the major adventures – if you can call it that –  is that now I am legal to drink alcohol. This ‘adventure’ is what many young people my age look forward to. As soon as they turn 18, they go out and get absolutely off their face drunk. However, it is not something I look forward to and would rather spend my day playing laserquest and eating with friends – for me that’s the perfect day of fun.  So that’s exactly what I did and now when faced with the question:

‘How was your day?’ 

I’ll be expected to say I went out, got drunk and now can’t remember any of it. But instead they’ll be faced with the more boring option of:

‘I went out with a couple of friends, nothing big’.

So while I enjoy my day of adulthood, go enjoy your day too!

See you guys soon when I’m more recovered from eating and running around like a reckless child in laserquest!

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