Diagnosis: Inappropriate Laughter.


  • Laughing when being shouted at/being in a serious situation.
  • Laughing when feeling awkward.
  • Laughing when being nervous.
  • Laughing when a herd of runners run past you for about an hour while walking the dogs.
  • Laughing when people fall over especially people you know, no matter how much they’ve hurt themselves.
  • Laughing when your mum falls over after helping a pigeon (karma’s a bitch).
  • Laughing when your sister ends up in hospital after hurting her foot while drunk.
  • Laughing when something has been lost hence being wrongly accused.
  • Laughing at drunk people on the street.
  • Laughing in silences

Causes: Unknown – some sort of psychological disorder you might want to get checked.

Strength: Fatal.
Cure: None – no matter how hard you bite your mouth, pinch your body or think of something sad, the laugh will force its way out leaving you feeling embarrassed and most importantly in more trouble.

I don’t know about anyone else but I’ve recently developed inappropriate laughter where I laugh in situations that aren’t funny. No matter how much I tell myself not to laugh I always eventually end up laughing and it’s mostly when there is silence in the conversation or at the wrong time; leaving me to get in more trouble than originally planned! It has happened so often over these past months that the time has come to diagnose myself and finally say with confidence, I HAVE INAPPROPRIATE LAUGHTER AND I AM PROUD! But having said this hopefully someday I’ll find a cure but for now I am who I am and I LOVE IT.

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