Man’s Best Friend


They say a dog is a man’s best friend and by the use of man I do not insinuate just the gender of men as we all know by now I am thoroughly a girl; but by man I mean humanity, the human race. And with this clarification it is safe to say I agree whole heartedly with this statement because as I currently lounge on my bed, writing out this blog post my dog is doing exactly the same – minus writing the blog post of course but growling at any movement passing my house as he enters into another one of his deep sleeps. My dogs are my companions on my adventures, I am indeed part of their pack and my life events wouldn’t be the same if they weren’t by my side.

When I’m feeling overly stressed – some may call it overwhelmed – from a full week of work and exam pressure, my first point of call isn’t to my mum or another form of human substance but to Charlie aka Fat Bum, my West Highland Terrier; a big mass of white fluff, a charming face fit for a fine fellow of any human. Somewhat cute when he lets it show but he never lets it disfigure his manly superior act so the majority of the time it’s his grumpy old man side I see but love the most.

I greet him with open in arms begging for one of his teddy hugs while I ruffle his fur Mohawk. Immediately, my stresses adjourn and slowly start to fade and I become human alive again.

It is not only Charlie who I turn to in my times of need and attention but to Poppy; I can not describe her any other way apart from delightfully crazy even though at times I hate to admit it. A Jack Russell by species but a German Shepherd in her mind with the cunningness of her sad little eyes tempting only the weakest of men; she has no fear, only the desire to make friends and run for miles on end. When I’m active and hyper or even need a good cheering up she is whom I turn to. With one quick jump she’s on my lap, tongue licking ferociously at my face with ever only one motive to make me happy again.

It’s funny how we form bonds with our pets, our own little wolf pack that can not break no matter how bad you shout or how long you leave; they run back; tail wagging on your return. It’s the human characteristics I love so much about animals, people may say I’m anthropomorphising them but its true animals have feelings. They are happy, giddy, sad, angry you name it I can show you a photo to prove it. So yes a dog truly is a mans best friend.

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