5 Steps to beat Procrastination

Procrastination. We all eventually fall in at the deep end; unable to get motivation flowing and get a grip on the reality of work. As a teenager or even adult, procrastination is so easily a thing to fall in to even if you have a keen interest in the subjects you’re studying or the work you are doing. You just end up being drowned by a wave which makes your brain shut down and not dare think about the work you have left to do.

Recently, I have found myself drowned by this wave which has continued for such a long time and is partly why I’ve not posted for so long (also the fact I’ve been a busy bee with exams looming). The feeling is so hard to shove away no matter how many walks you take and trust me I’ve taken a few more than normal. Your head turns to a mud puddle one force of some sort of information and your brain gets squished unable to bounce back into its usual alert form.

So after my long absence this is what I’ve learnt when procrastination strikes:
moto_27631) Go for a walk or some form of exercise. It clears your mind helping you focus on the tasks in hand, try if possible to not go on your own this way your subconscious over thinks and procrastination just gets worse.
2) Make a list. I’m a fan of making lists and have done for years but actually writing it down & having the satisfaction of crossing something out really helps.
3) Sleep. I always try to get a good nights rest and go to bed at the first sign of tiredness instead of staying up to watch the film I’m dying to watch (it’ll be on again, the Tv’s full of repeats)
tumblr_lvnt5gewDz1qm0amfo1_5004) Read. Something that I’ve got out of the habit of doing, but have recently started up again. In fact I went out to buy Life of Pi (I stick to the rule: the book is always better than the film) & The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry. Reading helps to get away from reality and makes you focus’ which helps get your brain back from a mush state.
599843_10151753594654392_733909857_n5) Relax. Take some me time, procrastination for me is my body’s way of telling me to stop and slow down. Go relax a hot bath, have the shopping spree you were promising yourself or even go for the coffee you’ve put off with friends. All of these will help your brain bounce back from its mushy state.

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