Dear twenty year old Anna,

Dear twenty year old Anna,
As I sit here, I think about my life three years from now. I began to wonder if I will still write and create art. I wonder if this is the last time I will read this post or remember that it exists.

Things I hope for you:

1) I hope you look back at your previous posts and see how much you’ve improved since starting in 2012. I hope you became a more serious writer.

2) I hope you have continued with WordPress. As we both know, it is an outlet for all the opinions buzzing round in that mind of yours.

3) I hope that in three years you’ll be in university. Hopefully, studying Zoology in Glasgow or London. If not, I hope you’re doing something you enjoy in a place that is beautiful; one which you can easily call home.

4) I hope you are enjoying yourself and not stressing so much about work. You’ll get it completed sooner or later. Please remember to take every opportunity presented to you. To relish the thought of a new adventure. Please do not turn and run in the opposite direction.

Life won’t wait for you. Opportunities will come and go. I know you will regret not taking them while you had the chance.

So travel while you can. Explore various cultures and societies, and experience all the ‘wonders of the world’.

But more importantly create memories.
Create something you can look back on and smile.

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