Richard Dawkins – Sex, Death & the Meaning of Life

Series 1, Episode 2

RICHARD Dawkins in this episode talked about Life after Death and the traditions surrounding this in religion. However, these traditions are not important to this post, it is where these traditions lead him that are.

In the episode, Dawkins asks scientists to use their equipment to read his genos (genes). This machinery shows every chromosome in our DNA and the structure of it. It shows in detail mutations in our genos which lead us to our future bodies; it shows us diseases we will get, the probability of something happening to us depending on our life-style. In reading his genos, Dawkins found out he was 70% more likely to get lung cancer if he had smoked in his life. If our genos can tell us this, then why no matter how expensive the technology can’t we have our genos read? It would possibly save lives and in the future this revolutionary technology could help humans successive generation?

Our genes are unique to us, no one in the universe has or will ever have the same genos as us and yes this will make the technology expensive to use for everyone considering the population is rising every year. However, if our genos were read as children then we will be able to be given advice on how our bodies react to certain things like smoking, alcohol. This would allow us to potentially decrease the risk of disease. Obviously, this information would have to be treated as guidance and you wouldn’t have to pay attention to. But surely it would allow people to prevent disease themselves if we didn’t want it. Yes, this is un-natural but there have been revolutions before which have and still in religion is deemed un-natural for example genetic engineering. Also, people could say it would possibly lead to people being controlled by the outcome as these results would basically tell you your death. This is the disadvantage of my idea, the fact that people would live in fear, but myself I would relish life and live it to the best of my ability. I mean if you knew things about your DNA. wouldn’t you live life to the full every chance you got even more than you do already?

In conclusion, I actually believe this could be an advantage to human life. Knowing your physical body, what triggers reactions in your body and how your body copes is just like knowing yourself mentally. Surely it is no different, you are knowing yourself more and you have the choice not to follow the results. Yes it would be expensive but in the future it may not be and it would become more of a worthwhile outcome. Maybe one day this may happen, in my lifetime or not but if it does, I believe it will be able to help.

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