Be Free

As I drove along the road in the passenger side of the car, I looked up at the autumn sky. So beautiful in all its colour of blues, whites, and yellows with a dash of pink behind the clouds. I saw black specks gracefully soaring in the distance. With such ease they twisted and dived like dancers in flight or tongues of fire.

As the car neared, the specks became greater in clarity and I saw they were 2 black birds, flying without a care. The detail of them unknown. The silhouettes brought a thought to my mind; how wonderful it would be to be able to fly away from everything, to witness the world in its extraordinary state and witnesses it changing before your eyes?

If only I was a bird I could stay where I belonged. Next to the water I would listen to the waves, basking in the midday sun. Hearing the crash of the waves on the shore and the smell of the salt lingering in the air would be peaceful. I would stay until I had to move on again in anticipation of my next adventure.

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