The best days as a teen are…

2 words… PYJAMA DAY!!

It’s Sunday afternoon here in England and it’s another typical British day; cold, dull and there is little temptation to go outside. Contrary to this, there is a lot of temptation for a teen like me to have a pyjama day. It is the best feeling to sit in my bed, looking like a comfortable hobo in pyjamas, a hoodie and no makeup.

I’m currently sat under my duvet with my pillows propped up, batman comic in hand and slowly doing my a-level coursework with time for reading intervals in between.

I love duvet days. They are simply the best days when I’m run-down, full of a cold and just can’t be bothered to do anything. So I sit here and do random things at my own pace, put songs on Youtube, do a short bit of writing, read my books/comics and generally take life easily whilst recovering from a cold. Such a relaxing day, I may even go to sleep shortly.

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