Why does this happen to me?

*Contains funny images, but people may be terrified*

Today was starting to be a good day. I had double art and last night my mum took me to buy some action figures to draw for my observational work. In my free period, my friend and I went to the library and opened their boxes. The problem was that we had forgotten how loud plastic is when you’re excitedly trying to rip open the packaging to prise out the Batman action figure created for years 4 and above when you’re 17. It didn’t help that the teacher manning the desk was looking at us disappointingly, probably thinking ‘you bunch of children’. However after a struggle we did manage to get them out and have a little play with them before lunch.

The happiness didn’t last for long because that’s when disaster struck. At lunch I decided you know, I got to go. So I went to the bathroom and just as I went to exit the toilet cubical my elbow knocked my jacket and tipped the corner upside down. Now bare in mind my sixth form expect us to wear pinstripe suits and the pockets on those suits are very shallow. I keep all of my possession in those pockets including my phone and locker key. So surprise, surprise both fell in the toilet.

At this point I whipped my phone out of the toilet and started to dry it. Then realised to my horror that my locker key had been in the same pocket. Frantically I was looking round for this key and it was nowhere so I assumed it was in the toilet. Not the best situation! I then due to my weird mental state decided to look in the toilet to find the key and because someone up in the sky hates me it wasn’t there. The people in the toilets must have thought I’d lost my marbles considering I was in the cubical swearing my head off!

By this point I was traumatised and frustrated I went out of the toilet (after washing my hands like 10 times to stop infection) and ran to my friends form room. When I told her everything she couldn’t stop herself from laughing while I stood shouting at her and frantically running to student services to find a caretaker so they could chop off my lock!

All-in-all, my phone did manage to fix itself but now I have to buy myself a new lock. I knew this would happen one day! Next time my phone is going in my bag before I use the toilet!!

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