My Favourite…

The wildlife, I love it! They also have turtles :3
My Favourite Place (Photos taken by me)
  • Place – A park not far away from where I live it’s about a 15minute drive but it’s worth it. Its the most tranquil and most beautiful landscape I’ve ever seen & is just a place where you can think clearly with wildlife around you, its just makes you appreciate life and the opportunities and selective design that made such a unique and beautiful place.
  • Colour – Purple or Blue.
  • Food – Literally eat everything!! However, favourite food of all time is Chinese and cake (It’s 1 of my 5 a day!)
  • Book/Author – Favourite series of books are the Hunger Games, I love them!! Apart from the last book which I’m sorry but she ruined it alot and if you haven’t read them & don’t want spoilers, don’t read this rant & skip to the next sub-heading! Basically I’m sorry but she ruined it by killing like literally every character off! I mean why kill Finnick!?? He was my favourite all time character (as well as Haymitch) & he had just got married, it just seemed so unnecessary like she got lazy writing about all the characters so decided to kill them off. Also the fact that Peeta went crazy was really annoying because it got annoying when they did the same thing over and over in District 13 and he kept attacking her and she would just get drugged and sectioned or whatever happened! Also it just ruined Peeta’s whole persona for me, I mean I really liked him in the last two book but the third book really put me off his character completely, he was just so annoying!! Also the fact that Prim died again was unnecassary I mean if that was the last book did she really need to kill of an insignificant character? It just adds things in that the book doesn’t need. But apart from book 3 favourite series of all time (apart from Harry Potter)!
  • Scent – I love the smell of freshly cut grass. I love the smell of vanilla. I love the smell of the sea.
  • Animal/Species – I’m going to start with favourite species because that’s easy for me. My favourite species are marine mammals. There’s something about the way they live I envy, probably because they spend all their time in water and I love water..a lot! I’m pretty sure I was a mermaid in a past life! I love how they are so graceful yet so fast. Terrifying to some people yet spectacular for others. Favourite animal is a hard one as I love so many but maybe either a shark or dolphin. Both for their indivdual reasons but both fascinate me. I would love to work and study them one day!
  • Song – My favourite song changes all the time, at the moment though it is ‘Keep Your Head Up’ by Ben Howard or ‘If Ever I Stray’ by Frank Turner. They pick me up after a long day and help me get through everything that is going on. They always seem to relate to the mood I am in depending on how I interpret the lyrics. Another song I like is ‘Hall Of Fame’ by The Script, simply because it’s a feel good song, you just sing it from the top of your voice when down and you just feel so much better afterwards.


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