Things that make me happy…

1) My Mum

I know an obvious one but I do mean it. She always manages to cheer me up. She allows me to rant on the phone to her for 20 minutes about how frustrated and annoyed I am without interruption. I love the little things she does to make everything easier. The cup of tea, the hot water bottles and the little jokes all cheer me up. She knows me inside and out and I love her to bits even though I don’t say it as often as I should. She always makes me smile.

2) My Friends

I text them as soon as I feel down and they come running…literally. I came out of a meeting with a teacher and cried none stop for 20 minutes. After the bell rung I text them saying I needed to talk and they threw everything in to their lockers and ran to where I was waiting. All they needed to do was give me a hug.. a little gesture but it makes so much difference and there I stayed ’til I became better. They stayed with me because I couldn’t get the bus on my own as I was a wreck. They even bought me fish and chips and chocolate to cheer me up. They will text me constantly asking if I’m okay. They know me more than I think and I love them for it. They always know how to cheer me up and I hope they continue to always be there.

3) My Pikachu Hat

My friend for my birthday this year bought me the most amazing present. I was the only present she has thought about and it was amazing! She is not the most organised of people so I was surprised when she had actually considered what she was going to buy.  She is one of my closest friends and I can tell her anything without judgement. So whenever I am down I put on my Pikachu hat and close me eyes. It gives me the comfort (and cuteness) I need and I love it and her to bits.

4) Chocolate, Music & Bed (Obviously)

I’m a girl okay? Don’t judge me. Of course us girls love this combination of laptop, chocolate and a comfortable bed with a nice cup of tea or hot chocolate to top it all off. What can I say about it unless you’ve tried it don’t knock it. And if you have tried it you know the feeling of comfort and happiness you get from the simple relaxation. All I can say about this is one word…heavenly!!



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