Short Hair – defines sexuality or personality?

As a teenage girl I have noticed that many people attribute a woman with short hair to homosexuality. I have a pixie cut and I love it. It does not define who I am but gives me more confidence than long hair ever did. But yet even though society has moved past some homosexual discrimination we still stereotype short haired women as lesbians.

In today’s society, homosexuality has become an evolving norm. With the recent acceptance of gay marriage, being gay is becoming destigmatised. Yet people still use it as an insult to bully. There are many who have accepted such a culture change but the prevailing few disable us from moving forward. Discrimination and stereotyping should have decreased since homosexuality has become a social norm. But it seems that the prevailing few speak louder than the rest. And as a society I believe we would start to eliminate the stigmatisation.

As a short-haired, pixie cut loving woman, I think that short hair does not define you as a lesbian. Calling someone this isn’t an insult either. It just shows how many narrow-minded people there still is in the world.

I’m just sick of people stereotyping lesbians as having short hair and masculine looking. Homosexuality is just a sexuality not an appearance. It means you fall in love with the same sex,  it is not a description of a persons physical appearance. People need to stop seeing sexuality as part of appearance and start seeing people for who they are.

The ignorance surrounding sexuality is a prevailing problem for such stigma. And ones narrow-minded approach to situations should be more open.

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